Supply Chain

The Supply Chain structure is one of the key competitive advantages that Binzagr Co. focuses on with a view to derive speed and efficiency. The growing complexities and the sheer dynamics of the vast Saudi market demand require an intelligent and speedy logistics structure.

The warehouse and logistics department at Binzagr supporting the entire operations. There is hardly any distribution or manufacturing activity that can be achieved without the support of an effective logistics department. Binzagr Co. logistics is considered to have a complete process that involves; planning, managing and controlling the flow of goods, services, information and real-time data from the point of origin to the point of destination. The logistics process at Binzagr Co. consists the process of integration of several aspects such as; material handling, warehousing, information, transportation, packaging and inventory.

Binzagr Co. has the largest fleet management services across the Kingdom of approximately 12,000 multi-temperature trucks and 3000 broker vehicles distributing a wide array of Ambient, Chilled & Frozen products. The Fleet provides primarily service to 20 locations across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and 2 cities of Gulf which are Dubai and Bahrain. Binzagr fleet covers and services these locations through CDC (Central Distribution Center) based in Jeddah. Fleet management’s primary responsibility is to ensure fleet availability to meet all requests by scheduling, forecasting and surveying current user trends and maintain the accuracy of the database of sales, inspections and maintenance.

The logistics and supply chain work within this large market to deliver products to large modern trade warehouses as well as small grocery stores. They service around 30,200 customers which are located in the narrow alleys of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region.

Binzagr Company's continued adherence to quality and speed, marks the corner stone of the Company's logistics operation – backed with a commitment to maintain high levels of performance benchmarks. The Company's continued investment in its logistic facilities, is a key feature that supports and reinforces its distribution capability.

3rd Party Logistics Management capabilities:

As a 3PL provider, Binzagr Co. offers total solutions to the Warehousing & Logistics requirements of a Principal. The Company has access to modern tools like RFID and WMS technology, and is equipped with MOH approved warehouses and state of the art Material Handling Equipment, to optimize operational efficiencies. Also offers customers advanced value-added services such as track and trace of vehicles with GPS system. The Company's capabilities comprise of approximately 115,000 high bay heavy duty pallet storage rack capacities across KSA, handling multiple temperatures from ambient to -28degree C, and facilities such as tracking location, lot, batch, serial number, production/and expiry date.

The Operations department in Binzagr Co. plays an important role in the company’s business growth. Binzagr Co. operation’s team is responsible in facilitating the process of orders to be delivered to our customer in a timely manner which is one of our competitive advantages. They are managing, coordinating and facilitating the sales orders of around 20 branches across the Kingdom and 2 branches in the Gulf region. Our customers’ buying experience is based on our operations’ team, where they are responsible in facilitating the order cycle which contributes to our sales and business growth.