Finance team is responsible for preparing Binzagr Co. financial statements including the income statement, the balance sheet, and the statement of cash flows that summarize a company’s past performance and evaluate its current financial condition.

Finance team is a primary stone at Binzagr Co. they add a tremendous value to the company. In fact, they are responsible of the financial planning which implies deciding what to spend, how to spend and how much to spend according to the funds that are available. Finance team makes sure that sufficient funds are available for meeting day-to-day expenses, purchasing long term assets, and dealing with unforeseen costs. Finance plans are not only done to make sure that finance is available in a timely manner, but also that the company knows exactly where to raise the money from when it is needed.

Managing the cash flow is an important function which leads by finance. Finance team at Binzagr Co. are responsible to plan, execute and monitor a year-round activity that requires accurate financial reporting and analysis. Their responsibilities include and are not limited to financial management reporting, general ledger control, trade payable, non-Trade Payable, non-trade receivables (Principle Claims), payroll administration, fixes asset management and credit control.